Naples, 28-29 september 2020


 PsychoBit aims at presenting psychological theories and models that revolve around the improvement of the psychological and relational life of every individual.

Second Symposium on Psychology-Based Technologies is organized jointly by Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab (NAC) of University of Naples Federico II and Antrhopos|Techné 

Invited Speaker



“The signal and the noise: some lessons from the replicability crisis in Psychology”

The recent crisis of replicability in Psychology has attracted a lot of attention and is starting to have a visible and growing impact on research practices. After a brief overview, I will present some suggestions based on the lessons learned from the debate on replicability in Psychology. The emphasis will be placed on methodological issues and research practices that increase the likelihood of designing informative experiments and drawing correct inferences from the data, thereby helping researchers to separate the signal from the noise.

Marco Perugini

University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Psychology


To Antonio, essential and bright presence of our lab, to the

invisible traces and to tangible ones that you left on our memory


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